Orb Power Source

A Green Fuel Orb bringing power to Arturus.

Orbs are spherical power sources. Orbs are found frequently throughout Poptropica.

Role In Spy Island

There are four orbs in the B.A.D. satellite. You must run the Mini-Bots into them in order to destroy them. They will overcharge with electricity and explode, along with the Mini-Bots.

Role In Astro-Knights Island

Main article: Green Fuel Orb

The Green Fuel Orb was created by Mordred by fusing the three weapons of the Kingdom of Arturus: the Ice Arrow, the Laser Lance, and the Force Shield. The orb was used to power his robot but was later used to power Arturus after Mordred's defeat.

Role In Twisted Thicket Island

The magic orb was the source of all the remaining magic in the Elf Queen's realm. It is the last line of defense against the humans. However, the Developer drops in and smashes the orb, scattering the orb's magical essence through the forest. After using the Amulet to stop the construction convoy, you must return the stolen shards to the Elf Queen.

Store, Mini-Island and Bonus Quests

Twisted Thicket Island Bonus Quest

Though most of the orb has been restored, some of the orb is scattered throughout the forest. You must retrieve the shards and save the forest from petrification once more.


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