PASE's logo.

PASE, or the Poptropica Academy for Space Exploration, is a space agency for Poptropica itself.


A long time ago, when PASE set up itself a base on the moon with 78 or more people, one of them being Captain Gordon. After a while, however, many people lost interest in space, and PASE's budget got cut. Mission control was so understaffed that only 50 people still work there, and security consists of only a single sleepy guard dog. Also the moon base has now only one person, Dr. Salerno, the place is practically deserted, run down, and some of its technology outdated. The director of PASE made many contacts to her in trying to get her out, but she was too busy in her search for the fourth space artefact Four days after no communication, they were forced into getting someone to take her back and to discharge her for her behaviour.

Role on Lunar Colony Island

In Lunar Colony Island, you are sent on a mission by PASE to find and retrieve Dr. Salerno from the moon after communication with her was cut for four days. In the end, she succeeds her mission of finding alien life and goes to their planet, causing you to fail your mission. However, when you arrive back at the agency, she sends a message of her holding a sign saying 'Mission Accomplished' on the alien planet. The director of the agency then comes saying that Salerno accomplished a big act of making people interested in space again. He also says that the President just called saying they promised whatever money the agency needs to keep the space program going. After that, the agency is most likely running better than before.


  • PASE is, of course, based off of NASA.
  • PASE's mission control is based off the Kennedy Space Center.
  • PASE stands for "Poptropica Academy of Space Exploration".

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