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The Pacific Northwest is a North American region in between the United States and Canada. Bigfoot lived in a cave there and many sightings of him took place there, including one that revealed his existence.

Role on Cryptids Island:

After you discover the existance of all of the other cryptids, Harold Mews will tell you that there has been a Bigfoot sighting in the Pacific Northwest. You must then fly your helicopter there. Once you arrive in the Pacific Northwest, you will be launched into a minigame in which you must chase Bigfoot.

Eventually, Gretchen Grimlock will hack into your systems and she will reveal her master plan: to have people pay her to look at the legendary Bigfoot. Now you have to chase her helicopter.

You will appear standing at the edge of your helicopter. Jump onto Grimlock's helicopter and pull the cap off her fuel tank, which will start to empty out. Now you have to save Bigfoot before the helicopter crashes. Jump down onto the cage which is hanging from the helicopter by a rope. Cut it with the Gardening Shears you collected earlier. The cage will start to fall and the emergency parachute will activate. You've saved Bigfoot!

Back in the lab, Mews will thank you. He will say he can't make a habitat for Bigfoot, because he spent a lot of money searching for Cryptids. You will give him the reward for finding the Cryptids to help Bigfoot and the island medallion .

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