Pheonix Warbird

The flaming beauty of the Phoenix Warbird.

The Phoenix Warbird is a warship on Skullduggery Island. It costs 1,000,000 doubloons and is the only ship that can defeat Captain Crawfish (along with the Sea Fury, if you are good enough).


The Phoenix Warbird's masthead resembles the head of a massive, golden raptor. It's sails are painted to look like flames. It has ten cannons (five on either sides of the ship), and goes a max of 15 knots (With the navigator). The Phoenix Warbird is the biggest, fastest and most powerful ship on Skullduggery Island, and probably the most powerful (or one of the most) ship in Poptropica


  • Captain Crawfish has a darker alt of this ship called the 'Sea Chicken'. 
    Captain Crawfish's Ship

    Compare the Sea Chicken to the Phoenix Warbird


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