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Prized Porker
The Prized Porker
AliasesPrized Porker
AppearancesEarly Poptropica Island

The Prized Porker, (or Pig) is an item and character from Early Poptropica Island. You must take him back from the Green Sewer Spider and return him to his owner in the town of Early Poptropica. He seems to be the only source of food for the Early Poptropicans.


As it belongs in Early Poptropica, the pig's design appears to be 8-bit-a pixelated look-like the people in the little town of Early Poptropica.

Role on Early Poptropica Island

Sometime before the player finds the island, the Pig was stolen by a Giant Spider. Luckily, the player (you) came and took him him back to his owner, one of the Early Poptropicans. His owner also hinted that he might soon slaughter the Pig and cook it. 


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