Pinkerton Security

The Pinkerton Security , with Max on the left.

Pinkerton Security is an area on the John Bull on Mystery Train Island. It is where the Pinkerton Government Services take up residence.

Role on Mystery Train Island

You are not able to enter this room because of a Pinkerton Security Guard until you learn about a mysterious person in the last car from Mark Twain. At this point, the Pinkerton Security Guard is taking a nap. You take the opportunity to enter the room, but you find that it has been booby-trapped. You then hop on top of some boxes, hop onto a platform, run left, jump over a hole, run left again, drop down the next hole, run left yet again, hop down the the floor, and exit through the door to the left (if you fail to do any of these things, you will wake the Pinkerton Security Guard and have to do the room all over again). A while after that, the player will enter the room again, only to find that the Pinkerton Security Guard has awakened and has disabled his booby-traps, allowing you to pass. The Poptropican will then exit the room.


  • The Pinkerton security trap is set up as a Rube Goldberg chain reaction machine. If you hit the machine at any point, it will awaken the guard, and you will have to start all over again.