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 This article is for the main antagonists of Steamworks Island. If you are looking for the species, see here.

The Plant Monster Brains are the three villains of Steamworks Island.


The Plant Monster Brains resemble enormous blobs of slimy plant matter with heads and mouths lined with sharp teeth.


Role In Steamworks Island

These three bosses are the "brains" of all the Plant Monsters. They only appear at the end of the island and must be killed with the Toxic Blaster. To do so, first fire the toxic blaster at them. The toxic sludge should bounce off of them. However, this will enrage it and it will extend its neck at you. Quickly duck when this occurs. When it withdraws its head, it will slam against the rest of its body,leaving its mouth hanging open for a short while. Quickly shoot into its mouth. Do this three times to kill it. Repeat this process with the other two.


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