See also: Poptropica (online game and franchise) and Poptropica (comic strip)

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Poptropica is a graphic novel series written by Max Brallier and illustrated by Kory Merritt, centered around the adventures of Oliver, Mya, and Jorge in the mystical world of Poptropica. It is set to consist of 12 books, although only one is released so far.


  1. Mystery of the Map


Mystery of the Map

Oliver, Mya, Jorge, and Jorge's mother Maria were being flown around in hot air balloons presumably as a fun activity, when the tourist guide of the children's balloon (Octavian) went rogue and flew directly into the developing storm. He took out a golden compass and held it up as they drove directly into the clouds. The compass started spinning frantically, and through the clouds, a hole formed leading into an alternate dimension.

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