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Poptropica Adventures is the first separate video game from the online version made by Ubisoft for the Nintendo DS. In the Nintendo series, it was preceded by Forgotten Islands for the Nintendo 3DS. There are also 2 promo codes that are completely random. The promo codes can be used to obtain the Medusa Surfer costume and the Lightning Knight costume.


From Poptropica Tours

Poptropica, the most popular virtual world for kids is coming to the Nintendo DS! In Poptropica Adventures, the Poptropica museum is in ruins and needs your help! Explore three amazing Islands and find missing artifacts to help restore the museum to its former glory. Meet interesting characters, collect artifacts, solve puzzles, and play mini-games in the ultimate on-the-go Poptropica experience! Looking to stand out in a crowd? Customize the look of your avatar with new clothes, hats, hair styles, and more to show off your unique Poptropica style!
—The Game Tour On Poptropica

From Jeff Kinney

We're excited to bring the world of Poptropica to the Nintendo DS. We've picked three of our most popular Islands and given them a twist with exciting new challenges and storylines. We think kids will have fun exploring our world in an experience only the Nintendo DS can deliver!
—Jeff Kinney



E- Everyone

Comic Mischief

Content rated by the ESRB; E for everyone.


When you turn on Poptropica Adventures, there will be the start button, once you start, there will be three buttons. "NEW GAME", "CONTINUE" (Only when saved progress) and "CREDITS". If you are new to this game, it's best to start with the new game button. When you start the game, a Poptropican appears, and you will be able to customize it, and click the "guess" button for a new name. When your ready, you will have 4 islands available to play and solve, Astro-Knights Island, Mythology Island, Super Power Island, and Museum Island, here are the guides to get you started on the walkthrough.

Museum Island issue

Objective for Museum Island.

The first island to land on, is Museum Island. When you reach Museum Island, there will be a curator, the owner of the Museum, he has a grey beard, light skinned, and has some green and red traditional clothes, he will say that he is happy to see you, but he has some terrible news, follow him into the museum, he will explain that the museum materials and everything on it is stolen, he will introduce you how to play the game, press the "Y" button near a Poptropican and you could customize them. He will then explain the basics of the game, he will show you some of the museum's costume places, to copy the costumes you've earned from islands. Once you completed the basic tasks, he will explain your objective to save each islands and Museum Island itself, you need to collect every piece of artifact from each islands and store it in the 3 museums, when you are done, you are ready to take off to each islands save the 4 islands.

Astro-Knights Island issue

Objective for Astro-Knights Island




  • The Poptropicans in the game look slightly different from the online version, being in 8-bit just like the Pilgrims.

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