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Poptropica Members are people that have bought Poptropica membership (with real money) and get special privileges not allowed to others. You can buy 1, 3, or 6 months, via a game card (from a store) or online. Members get free early access to islands that are out, free member only items in the store, and every item or costume is free as long as they have membership. They are also top 10 finishers that are presented on the Poptropica blog. When the membership expires all the items/member only items will be kept forever in their inventory.

Start of Membership

In early 2010, Poptropica began offering premium use of the site through the payment of a monthly membership fee. Paid monthly members have the use (but not ownership) of items from the Poptropica Store. Early access to new islands is now restricted to paid members and has been set at 4 weeks prior to free general use. Members can get exclusive things such as a Red Dragon Ninja Costume in the Poptropica Store. Early access is available to members only. Members are also the only players to have access to bonus quests. This allows them to do an additional quest after completing an island. The player then receives an item upon completion. Poptropica also began selling memberships at Target and other stores, but they have become harder to find. No store sells them to date, but you can order them online.

More Membership Perks

Several classic sponsor islands (7 to be exact) have become members only, so nonmembers can only play a demo of the islands. Members, however, can play the whole island. Poptropica plans to add more membership perks, according to Jen McLean.


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