The city of Poptropolis rising from the sea.

Poptropolis is the ancient capital of Poptropica that resides under the sea and rises up every 100 years to host the Poptropolis Games. Centuries of being submerged in the sea have made the buildings decayed and the statues broken up and/or sunk into its soil. When you are at the Main Street area, you will see a live Poptropican that appears to be either a statue or an actual formal resident of the city.


The origins of Poptropolis is unknown, but it most likely may have been the birthplace of all eight tribes of Poptropica. As of January 24, 2013, the island has sunk back into the sea. However on it was re-released for everyone on June 14, 2013.


The city has a Greek-Roman type of archictecture, similar to Mythology Island. It is also apparent based on some of the ancient clothes that some organizers of the games wear. Ancient Poptropolis resident's were probably brilliant architects, made known by the huge statues that decorate the Poptropolis Games courses.


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