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Poptropolis Games Bonus Quest

Poptropolis Games Island Bonus Quest is another Members-Only Quest to end the Poptropolis Games Island 2013 story. You must defeat an ancient warrior in wrestling. Here is a tip: look at the shape not the picture.


The ground shakes and then an ancient Poptropolis Games champion appears and he challenges you to a wrestling match. In this game, he will make an attack move and you must quickly respond with the correct defensive move. The correct move is based on the shapes. If he attacks with a move with an icon in a circle, you must click on the defensive move with a circle. The same goes for the square and octagon shapes. The key is to click very quickly, so a good cheat is to keep your mouse cursor over on the left side of the screen. Then when the defensive moves appear, you can quickly move and click.

If you get four points before your opponent, you win, and will go down in history as the greatest champion of all-time. You will also receive the Ancient Warrior Outfit as a reward.


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