Poseidon is one of the main Gods in Greek Mythology, he is the god of the seas, horses, and water. He is the brother of Zeus and Hades and is found in Mythology Island .



Poseidon has light blue skin and dark blue hair. He wears a yellow crown with a pink starfish on it and a pearl necklace with a pink starfish pendant along with white shorts and a yellow belt.

Role In Mythology Island:

Zeus eventually reveals that he is going to overthrow Poseidon and Hades and rule all of Poptropica. Poseidon will give you his trident, which will aid you in battle with Zeus. To reach him, you must go to the Grove of Temples. In his temple, use the starfish as an offering to enter his realm. Go to his beach, and swim down into the ocean maze. Hercules must move the rock that blocks the entrance.

Role In Super Villain Island:

He also appears as a minor character in Super Villain Island, where he rises out of the sea to give you his trident once more so you can defeat Zeus again.



  • Poseidon appears much smaller in Super Villain Island than Mythology Island, though being a god, he is probably able to change size at will.
  • Poseidon is the second eldest out of his brothers, Zeus and Hades.
  • It is unknown how Poseidon gets his trident back in Super Villain Island.
  • When you wear Poseidon's trident and press space bar, you will start glowing. This works on most islands.

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