The River Styx is an area from Mythology Island. You have to get through it to get to Hades' Realm.


The River Styx appears as a glowing green river within a subterranean cavern.


In the minigame, there will be a repetitive sequence in which creatures or objects will try to knock you into the water. For the first round, run up to the front of the boat,making sure not to fall off, and a stalactite will fall down, barely missing you.Then, quickly head to the center of the boat and jump to avoid the flaming skull creature, which will swoop down to attack you. After this, wait to for a spine to rise out of the water, then jump to avoid the green crocodile.Repeat this sequence until you win the game.


Charon: Charon is the Greek ferryman of the dead. In Poptropica, he is represented as a pale-skinned,bearded man wearing a prisoner's shirt and a green cloth sash. He stands in a boat and offers to ferry you across the river.

Flaming Skull: A floating skull creature wreathed in green flames that dives down towards the boat to knock you into the water.

Green Crocodile Beast: A reptilian creature that lurks beneath the river, regularly rising above the water to knock you off the boat. It appears in a photo in Hades' throne room.



  • Usually in Greek Mythology, you have to give Charon a coin in order to cross the river and he is often portrayed as a greedy person forcing you to give him more coins. However, in Poptropica, Charon simply agrees to ferry you across the river for no charge.

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