Samhal is a character in Arabian Nights Island. He is the genie the Sultan sends you to find.



As a Genie

Samhal is a genie with turquoise skin and a dark green beard. He has long ears. He wears a pink-purple 'vest' with a yellow belt, and a big pink + purple + yellow hat. He leaves a dark blue trail behind, which looks just like the particles created by Magic Sand. His eyes turn blue when he's controlled by the lamp.

As a Human

In this form, Samhal still looks pretty much the same, albeit with human features. He lacks the long ears that he had in his genie form, and his trail was replaced by legs. He still has the vest top, but now has a dark blue belt instead of a yellow one. He has dark hair and pale brown skin.


  • Samhal is smaller than regular Poptropicans, even in his human form, while Scheherazade remains the same size even as a genie.
  • If you talk to Samhal when he's cornered in the Lamp Room, his mouth will turn to the mouth of the Yokozuna from Red Dragon.
  • He creates blue particles when he rubs his hands.

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