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Please help! My son is stranded at sea! Trapped by that monstrous shark!

—Lost boy's mother

Shark Tooth Island
Shark tooth island.png
The island's logo
Year released2007
ThemeIsland Rescue
Preceded byEarly Poptropica Island
Succeeded byTime Tangled Island

Shark Tooth Island is the 2nd island released on Poptropica.


Shark Tooth Island is online and ready to be explored! The citizens of the virtual world Island for kids are having BIG shark trouble. Only you can save the day by discovering the many secrets of the online virtual world, Shark Tooth Island

—Poptropica Tours

New shark tooth

Shark tooth island map

Written Walkthrough

Arrive on Main Street on Shark Tooth Island. Go to the right and talk to the sir next to the tent that says "Today's Special: Coconuts" and he will give you the carbonated coconut milk. Keep running to the right until you're at the Ancient Ruins. There, climb the vines up to to the second platform on the giant palm tree leading to the medicine man avoiding the giant coconuts, then jump to the left and find the translation key.

The Temple of Doom

Go into the entrance that looks like a shark mouth and you'll enter in the Temple Entrance. Avoiding the purple bats, make your way to the left, and find the hieroglyphics. Click them and use the translation key to decipher them. The password is OPEN. Once you've made it, click on the nose and the door will open. In the Temple Dungeon, get around the golden shark statue while avoiding the giant caterpillar, fall on the river and go to the left to find the Old Bone, the one in the skull's mouth. Go back to the gold statue, and get to the top. Jump onto the moving platform and go to the left. Try not to fall off. Once you've made it, go to the left to enter on the Temple Treasure Room. There, get the Key Ingredient and exit the ruins through the hole at the top of the room.

The Medicine Man

You're back at Main Street. Run again to the right, pass the Ancient Ruins and go to the Booga Bay. After that, talk to the guy next the tent saying "Grass Skirts" and he will give you one. Go back to the Ancient Ruins and climb the palm tree all the way to the top (be careful with the falling coconuts). When you reach the top, you will find The Medicine Man. He won't talk to you, because you don't look a native of the island. Put the Grass Skirt on and he will be willing to talk to you. Give him the Carbonated Coconut Milk, the Old Bone and the Key Ingredient. He will give you the Calming Potion poured into a coconut.

Voyage to Castaway Island

Return to Booga Bay, go to right and find the "Feed the Shark" area. Once there, click on the cannon and shoot the potion out of the cannon towards any direction and the shark will eat it and fall asleep. Now you can swim to the right across the river and go to the Castaway Island. Once you're in there, talk to Professor Hammerhead(the guy with the white beard in the yellow suit), who will ask you to lead him and the boy to the mainland(Just walk/run like normal, and the Professor and the boy will follow you). Go back to Booga Bay and find the mom of the kid.  Professor Hammerhead will then thank you with the Medallion.

Video Walkthrough

Poptropica Tutorials - Shark Tooth Island Complete Walkthrough03:26

Poptropica Tutorials - Shark Tooth Island Complete Walkthrough


Multiplayer Rooms


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  • Pool8039- i love this island soooo easy!!!
  • Golden Bug This island is too easy!
  • Silver Flame  Easiest island ever. (Also 1 Of the Shortest)
  • Shaky Noodle: This is a Okay island, 8 out of 10.
  • Fearless Tornado: Not a bad island. 7 out of 10.
  • Jedi4588 Not bad.7 out of 10
  • Rough Fang:Sweet sweet nostalgia.With a little pinch of megalodon awesomeness.7 out of 10!
  • White Feather: Took me 4:53 to complete. Fun island though, probably one of the best lores. 7.5 out of 10.



  • On the map in the Shark Tooth Island Tourism Center, and that Shark Tooth Island is shaped like a shark.
  • Shark Tooth Island was briefly seen in a television news report on Super Villain Island.
  • On top of the Tourism Center, a Greek soldier is on the the roof, saying he should be in Time Twisted Island.
  • The island has 2 places that are both optional to visit. Namely, The Shark Museum and the Tourism Center.
  • If you use a certain route and never get hurt, the island can be completed in under four minutes.


Shark tooth island Promo code items.

Shark tooth island promo code items.


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