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Speeding Spike
Spike speeding on subway..png
AbilitiesSuper Speed
FriendsCopy Cat,Betty Jetty,Sir Rebral,Ratman
Hair      Green
Skin      Tan
ClothingPrisoner jumpsuit and hoop earrings
OriginSuper villain given powers via radioactive meteorite
Only AppearanceSuper Power Island
Speeding Spike is one of the main antagonists of Super Power Island.

Role on Super Power Island

Speeding Spike is located in the subway, in the train. He will chase you, and if he hits you, you will get hurt. Since you cannot outrun him, you make him chase you by jumping up and dodging his attacks (Be careful not to get too far away from Speeding Spike, or he will go back to his previous spot). He will eventually chase you to a puddle of water and slip. He can be seen back at the jail after he's been captured.



  • He is seen using super speed on a quiz question called "If you had a superpower, what would it be?".
  • He is one of the villains that strangely didn't appear on Super Villain Island, along with Director D.
  • He has not spoken in Poptropica yet.
  • He is one of the few male characters to wear earrings with the others being Crusher and Captain Crawfish.


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