TV World

A television, which is more commonly known as a TV, is a device used to watch various shows such as new reports, game shows, and more.

Role on Counterfeit Island

Balloon Boy was featured on the news in the Internet Cafe.

Role on Reality TV Island

The people of Reality TV Island loved TV, and spent most of their time watching it, specifically Reality TV Island. Balloon Boy is also briefly shown on TV at TV World.

Role on Wimpy Wonderland Island

Greg is seen playing Twisted Wizard on the family television. Later on, you play the game to help him beat the level.

Role on Shrink Ray Island

On Shrink Ray Island, you must climb up the antenna of the television to charge yourself with static and use it to stick to a balloon to feed the fish.

Role on Ghost Story Island

There is a flat screen TV in the Hemlock Harbor Tourism Center.

Role on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island

There is a TV Room in the Chocolate Factory where Willy Wonka uses advanced technology to transform 3-dimensional objects into 2-dimensional television images. However, Mike Teavee was excited by this and uses the machine to transport himself into a television. You must then rescue him.

Role on Zomberry Island

Abe has a very large TV which he uses to play video games such as Night of the Living Carrots.

Role on Virus Hunter Island

There are various televisions seen throughout Virus Hunter Island including a few at the gym and some in the Green Square Video Rentals outlet.

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