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The Coal Man is a man who shovels the coal to the engine on the train located in Mystery Train Island.



The Coal Man is covered in coal dust. He is wearing a black outfit that consists of overalls, goggles, and a hat.


Role on Mystery Train Island

You first meet the Coal Man right after you board the Train. Talk to him, and he'll welcome you aboard. Later, when the john Bull takes an unsheduled stop, you talk to the Conductor, who thinks that the stop was all the Coal Man's fault. When you arrive back on the train, you notice that the suitcase nametagged with Tesla has coal smudges all over it. Use the magnifying glass to collect the clue Coal Smudges, run right to the only person you know has coal on him: The Coal Man. Bring him to the Interrogation Table and ask him about the Coal Smudges. "Okay, okay! I did leave to get a snack, and that's when the train stopped, but I didn't go near the luggage, you can ask the Porter!" he confesses. And he does, Coal Smudges disappears and a new clue, Coal Man Left for a Snack appears. Since the Coal Man told you to ask the Porter, go ahead and do so. Although, the Porter is now at the left of VIP Car 2. When you reach him/her, bring him/her to the Interrogation Table and ask him/her that the Coal Man Left for a Snack. The Porter points out that he was getting a snack, and since he was, he couldn't have stopped the John Bull, and thus, Coal Man Left for a Snack dissapears. After that, the Coal Man will be at the Coal Car. You can talk to him, but you won't need to in order to finish the island.