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The Cook is one of the four victims of the S.S. Pequod's crash that you must save.



Role In S.O.S Island

The cook was fine with his life, until the Captain rammed the ship into an iceberg. While he was getting some vegetables in the freezer, the ship crashed trapping him and freezing him in the process because of him getting stuck in an ice block. Sometime later, help comes and you find him in a block of ice. You then eventually push him through a mini maze like place into the oven to thaw him out. He then tells you to save the Captain. After that, he still offers to cook.


  • He was frozen along with a tomato, an orange and a head of lettuce.
  • According to the Poptropica Tips and Tricks app, his name is Flask.
  • He has the same name as the third mate in the book Moby Dick.
  • He is the last person you save (not including the captain).