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The Grande Gang is El Mustachio's gang of bandits on Wild West Island. There are three Poptropicans in this gang. One is a female and the other two are males. While playing Wild West Island you have to defeat them by using your gun. In the begining of this island they help break El Mustachio out of jail.


The first is a female, who wears mostly purple, has black hair, and a small mole near her mouth. Interestingly enough, she can be played at Slap jack. The second is a male, who is rather tough looking, wears navy blue, and has a red bandana.  The third is male as well, and has wild orange hair, bags under his eyes, and wears green. He is the only one who does not wear a hat. The fourth is male, and has dark skin, dusty brown hair, and wears a sombrero. his main color scheme is tan.


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