The John Bull Train

The Front of the John Bull

The John Bull is the locomotive that takes you to the Chicago World's Fair in Mystery Train Island, with a lot of famous people in history onboard.

Passengers & Crew






  • The John Bull is based off of the real John Bull, which actually took people to the actual Chicago World's Fair.
  • When the John Bull turns and enters the tunnel, the Advertisement Car is missing.
  • George Ferris and your Poptropican are the only passengers to not have a temporary cabin on the John Bull that is seen. George Ferris may have a temporary cabin on the train, however unlike the other cabins, his is never seen.
  • The John Bull makes a cameo appearance and is briefly seen dangling off the edge of a cliff on Super Villain Island, where it is shown on TV while it shows the damage done to Mystery Train Island during Zeus' reign of destruction.