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The Shogun is a tyrant who ruled over old Japan. He is the main antagonist of Red Dragon Island.



The Shogun is dressed in black robes and is carrying a sword. He also has a small mustache along with wrinkles.


When he was young, he trained with his brother, Basho, in the ways of the samurai. However, Basho supposedly turned his back on the ways of the samurai to study to become a ninja master. The Shogun felt betrayed by Basho, and wanted revenge on him.

The Shogun went into many samurai conflicts and wars against the ninjas. He then became the commander-in chief when later wars started. By the time he got older, he eventually became the best and the master of all samurai warriors and ruled old Japan ever since, having the desired and chosen name, the Shogun.

Role In Red Dragon Island

The Shogun captured Jack and Annie upon discovering that they don't have a passport. You must learn the skills of a ninja to infiltrate his fortress and save your friends. After you do, however, he uses a magic wand to summon the Red Dragon. After you put out the fire with help from the Cloud Dragon, it is revealed he is actually Basho's brother. He makes peace with Basho after hugging for a long time and they decide to rule over Old Japan peacefully.


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