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Timmy Failure Island is the 45th island quest on Poptropica, concerning the book series Timmy Failure.

Plot Summary

When danger lurks, and criminals hide around every corner, you need the best detective money can buy. That detective is not Timmy Failure — but don't try to tell him that. You're about to come face to face with the craziest cast of characters ever to appear on a Poptropica Island. Trying to solve this mystery is only the beginning!
—Poptropica Tours



Poptropica A word from Stephan Pastis, the Author of Timmy Failure

Poptropica A word from Stephan Pastis, the Author of Timmy Failure

Poptropica Timmy Failure

Poptropica Timmy Failure

Timmy Failure Island Trailer


First, you'll see a short cut scene, then you'll end up on main street. Head left. You will see Timmy Failure, so talk to him. He will give you the Decetive Log, which is about everyone you will meet on the island. After that, continue left. You'll end up in the playground. Grab the Pole, which is on top of the swing set. Head left again. Go past all the houses and into the Garden, and jump onto the elephant bush. The trunk will fall down. The gardener, Bingo, will drop his Shears. Pick them up. 

Timmy's house

Next, go back to the houses (right of the garden). Enter Timmy Failure's house, which is the futherest on the left. Go and grab the Permanent Marker in the kitchen, which is sitting with some plates, above your head. Get on the roomba robot and jump on the fridge. Open the cupboard (the locked one) with the Gardening Shears. You'll find Crispy Rice Treats! Equip them. Give one to Total by pressing space bar (he will now follow you) and go upstairs, to the room on the top left. Push the guy sitting on the window out the window. 

Getting the camera

Next go downstairs and exit (or you can jump out the window). Click on the guy you pushed out, and get the Garbanzo Man mask (great name, right?). Go back to main street, and go to the "Offices For Rent" Building, next to the Bank. Click on the trash can. Total will eat some garbage (gross). Time to use him as a trampoline! Bounce on his belly and you'll land on the building. Now, climb up the building, onto the second level. Go and grab the Screwdriver, from the right corner. Now, put on the Garbanzo Man mask. Climb up to the next level, and run across to the Bank. Jump onto the Bank's roof, and enter through the open window on the right. Run over to your left, drop down, and see the guy outside the bank? Exit the bank through the "Closed" door. The guy outside will start screaming and run, and drop the Camera. Grab it, now go back onto the Office building for one more thing. Climb up, until you get to a ladder. Climb up that, and you'll be on the second half of the building. Leap across, and go up to the furthest left window on the second level. There will be a Rope on the wooden platform. Pick it up, and hop down. 

The Lazy Bear 2000

Go to the right, until you get to the zoo. Keep going right, until you get to the very right of the zoo. You will see the Polar bear exihibt, which has Total's "girlfriend". She will be playing with a ball. Use your Pole and hit the button, which controls the fan. Whenever the ball gets to close to your wall, you need to blow it to Total's "girlfriend". Remember, it's all timing related. When you finally complete that, you will get the Beach Ball. Now, return to the Garden. Your friend the gardener will still be upset, but don't worry about him for now. Focus on the giraffe hedge, which has a Box on it's head. Use the Beach Ball, and it will knock the Box off the giraffe's head. Pick it up. Go back to Timmy's house. Total will be hanging out there, so feed him a Crispy Rice Treat so he follows you. However, Timmy interupts you, and wants you to make the Lazy Bear 2000, to spy on Total. Use your Box, Permanent Marker and Camera. You will create the Lazy Bear 2000, and Timmy congratulates you. However, he's not done yet and wants you to check on one of his classmates.

Helping Timmy's classmates

Go to the playground. Rollo (the fat guy) will be stuck in the slide. Oh no! We need to save him. Go to the entrance of the slide, and throw a Crispy 'Rice treat' in there. Total will jump into the slide, free Rollo, but get stuck in there himself. Great. Now, talk to Rollo, and tell him there is a test tommorow. Say it's English, which is his worst subject, and his head will start to bobble (what? English is awesome!). Then, tell him it's ten mintues long, and he'll shake even more (poor dude). Finally, tell him that the test will go on his permanent record! This will really upset him, and he will pretty much start an earthquake. Total flings out of slide- he is saved! Yay! Also, a piece of paper falls out of slide, so grab that. Then, a girl, Molly, comes along. She explains that her cat, Senor Burrito, is in the vending machine! Molly won't give you any money to go and buy him. However, we can sell something to her! Go back to Timmy's house. However, something's up with the roomba! Click on the Lazy Bear 2000, and it will show a video of the roomba swallowing up a Key! Curses. Go to the roomba, and use your screwdriver. Problem solved! You will get the Key. Use the key on the door that says "Total Failure Inc.". It's Timmy's amazing office! Oh wait.. it's just a closet. However, there's a pair of Shoes in there. Grab those. 

Now, bring those Shoes back to Molly. She will buy the shoes, giving you some Bills. But wait, we need coins, not bills! So, head back to the Zoo, to the lady selling chicken nuggets (you will also pick up a piece of paper on the way). Now, using the Bills, buy some Chicken Nuggets, and you will get those and Change in return. Head left, and enter the Bowling Alley. Hear that meow? Turn your attention to the vending machine, and in there is Senor Burrito! Use your change on the machine, and you will get Senor Burrito, and a packet of Bon Bons. Return Senor Burrito to Molly, and she will be very impressed! Suddenly, a garbage truck passes by- with Timmy's pants! 

Crispin Flavius' car

Head back to Timmy's house, and your Poptropican will see a piece of paper on the roof. Pick that up, then go back to the Office Rent building. Do the belly thing with Total, and make sure to grab a piece of paper on the first level. Now, climb up the entire way up, yes, the ladder included, until you get to the roof. Timmy will be there, so talk to him. He will come up with a plan to save his pants, which includes getting Crispin Flavius' car. Crispin (whom I call Crispy) is in the Bowling Alley, so go there- but make sure to bring Total! Anyway, once you're there, feed Total a Bon Bon, and the attendant will be distracted by his dancing. Pass her, and you will see Crispy in the bowling area. Talk to him, and you will get into a bowling game with him. It is a stragey game- try to get the middle everytime. You have to surpass 30, remember. Timing is important! 

Once you've completed that, Crispy will be mind blown and give you his Car Keys. Go outside the Bowling Alley, and his car will be parked there. Get in, and drive after that garbarge truck! Except you crash into some guy's house. Oops. But Timmy shows up, and says it's time to unleash the Total Mobile! He gives you intrusctions on how to build it. 

Saving Timmy's pants

Go and grab Total, then go back to the Garden, and your friend the garderner isn't any happier. So, what do you do? Feed Total a Bon Bon, of course. He will start dancing and distract the garderner, giving you a chance to take the Wagon, for the Total Mobile. Make sure Total is following you, then head right until you see Timmy. Tell him you have everything, and are ready to build. But wait! There's a problem! She-who-must-not-be-named (Corrina Corrina) is after the truck too! *gasp* We have to get to it before she does! 

The Total Mobile is built, and you start chasing after the garbage truck. Now, you have to dodge the flying balls of garbage. It will get harder as the level goes on, of course. But you will pass it eventually. My suggestion is try and stay near the back, and keep an eye on where the balls are headed. Timmy will try and force Corrina Corrina to stop, but she doesn't. Then everyone moves faster, and the truck stops, and then.. 

  • CRASH* Everyone dies! 

Just kidding! You all survive, Timmy gets his pants, and it turns out that Corrina Corrina was trying to help you all along! She and Timmy have an arguement, like in the opening cutscene. Then you and Timmy have a bit of arguement, and totally break up (what a shame). However, you get the medallion, and complete the island! 


  • As preparation for this island, Poptropica held a giveaway throughout August until the Early Access release of Timmy Failure Island.
  • There is a mistake in one of Timmy's lines on top of the office building: "There's one solution: Crispin Flavius's car! I assume he’s trying trying to top his lousy bowling record..." The word "trying" is used twice in a row.
  • Unlike other sponsored islands (save Red Dragon) it's free for non-members to play.
  • There is unused dialog for the Rollo scene that can be found in the playground's dialog.xml file:
    • Rollo: What is the format of the test?
      • Choice: Multiple Choice.
        • Rollo: Hmm. Not too hard to fake your way through one of those.
      • Choice: Essay.
        • Rollo: That's perfect. Essays are my forte!
      • Choice: Short Answer.
        • Rollo: Oh no! Nothing's tougher than a test of pure knowledge.
    • Rollo: What kind of twist could there possibly be?
      • Choice: The test is to be given orally.
        • Rollo: You mean I have to stand up in front of the class?
      • Choice: The test is to be done in groups.
        • Rollo: Depending on the group, that could be okay.
      • Choice: The test is to be done in silence.
        • Rollo: Perfect. Just me and my thoughts.
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