Triton is the son of the water god Poseidon on Mythology Island, and is also a Poptropica Creator.


Triton resembles a typical surfer except with blue hair and blue skin. In addition, Triton is also god-sized and carries a surfboard with his name on it.


Role on Mythology Island

Once you enter Poseidon's realm, he will be one of the first people you will see. If you talk to him, we will warn you about a "gnarly monster" that lives in an underwater cave. You will later find out that the "gnarly monster" he is referring to is the Hydra. Once you defeat the Hydra in battle, he will thank you for your services.

Role as Poptropica Creator

His friends username is tritoncreator. It is unknown who Triton is, but he is rumored to be Rick Riordan.


  • The Poptropica Creator Triton is rumored to be Rick Riordan, the author of the popular book series Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Heroes of Olympus.


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