Underground Tunnel Tour Lady is a resident of Poptropica who works at the Underground Tunnel Tour on Counterfeit Island.


The Underground Tunnel Tour Lady has a happy and enthusiastic face. She's happy to answer your question about the Underground Railroad Tour as it's her job.

She wears a light-green beret, a white t-shirt with a yellow tie, a light-green vest with an ID attached to it, a yellow skirt and light-green pants. Her skin is brown and she has black hair.


She has a green beret.


You can find the Underground Tunnel Tour Lady by the Underground Tunnel Tour entrance. She is most likely working there as she know a lot of things about the Underground Tunnel Tour. When you ask her a question about the Underground Tunnel Tour, she'll be happy to answer them.

When you ask her if you can go to the Underground Tunnel Tour, she says no as all the tickets were already sold out.

Once you give her the ticket that the Orange-Bearded Tourist let you keep, she will tell you to come in through the entrance when you're ready to start the tour.

As you enter the Underground Railroad, she will tell you a lot of things about this place.


  • When the Underground Tunnel Tour Lady tells you about Leonardo Da Vinci during the tour, she will say the he excelled as a scientist, inventory, painter, sculptor, and more. Instead of having said the word inventor, she says inventory. This is a glitch that doesn't affect the gameplay.