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Violin and Music is one of the items that you need to get inside the house on Ghost Story Island.


When using the Violin and Music various notes will appear on the screen. If you play them correctly you'll see Fiona's silhouette in the window.


After you get off the room you go down and see that there is a violin and the sheet music. Pick them up. They will be in your backpack. When you go, the camper he says "I hope the women from the window comes soon", then the Magistrate comes and takes him away. Take the binoculars, then when you see the window, use the violin and the sheet music. Play Fiona's favorite song and then the blue light appears (if you would like, turn the volume on to hear the tune as you play the violin). That's when the door opens.


  • Most of the notes consist of crotchets (1 beat) and quavers (half a beat).

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